Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions frequently asked of us by prospective clients. At right are some key questions we receive answered directly by our clients.

Why do clients retain JAT Consulting, Inc.?

JAT delivers better aligned coverage at a reduced premium. JAT brings an independent viewpoint to our Company and has been able to present a broader range of insurance options to the Company. In July 2004, we felt it was time to have an independent review of our key exposure areas and the adequacy of insurance coverage on those areas. JAT had experience in our industry and we felt they were best suited to perform the review. In the first year, JAT was able to negotiate on our behalf increases in key coverages at a reduced cost to the company as well as eliminate duplicate coverages. In the second year, JAT was instrumental in conforming the excess layers of coverage with the primary layer and increasing our overall coverage at no significant increase in premium. >

What is the advantage of JAT Consulting when compared to insurance brokers?

The 2 largest reasons for working with JAT are reduced premiums across most lines of coverage and increased limits. In addition, JAT has allowed us to tighten language surrounding coverage situations. In marketing a coverage brokers typically selected a few carriers with whom they have a relationship, this leaves holes in potential carriers being missed or a broker may not have a strong relationship with the carrier. In utilizing JAT, we have been able to bring multiple brokers to bear at a particular coverage which in turn strengthens our position with carriers. We have formed a strong relationship of trust with JAT based on work experiences, which is an invaluable asset.

The most significant difference between having JAT represent your commercial insurance interests versus a broker is pretty simple. JAT receives its compensation from its clients. Therefore, they represent their clients. A broker wants to place commercial insurance for its customers, and in many cases a broker can be an advocate for its customers. a broker receives its compensation from the insurer. Therefore, in instances where issues develop, it is very basic insofar as where their inclinations will lie.

When do clients typically seek the expertise of JAT Consulting?

Prior to retaining JAT in 1992, the corporation's commercial insurance was administered by our cost accounting department. They were responsible for the marketing of the coverages, knowing the inner workings of our policies, negotiating with brokers, and doing the internal accounting for premiums. The cost accounting group did this on a part time basis, since their daily priorities were elsewhere. It became obvious this arrangement was unsatisfactory.

What is the biggest advantage JAT offers clients?

We retained JAT Consulting beginning in 2001 because we needed to get control of our insurance costs and coverage. The biggest advantage is that they have an in depth knowledge of our business which enables them to tailor our insurance program based on our business. Also, they explain the various options available to us in terms of coverage and the costs related to it.

Coming out of the box, JAT / UIC saved us over $100,000 on our GL renewal, and obtained significantly better coverage at the same time. In addition, JAT is available to clarify insurance issues for us, and is proactive in reviewing and in helping us manage reserves, and in marketing our account for the renewal. The biggest advantage provided by JAT is in adding full-time expertise to our management team without having to add a full-time salary. JAT brings access to a broader array of markets, and provides advice and analysis that is not influenced by being tied to a particular broker or carrier.

Why do clients continue using JAT Consulting, Inc.?

They continue to make me competitive, and I know my coverage is evaluated at least on a yearly basis. I appreciate their being up front and honest. Also, JAT works hard at every renewal–not only the first year! I would recommend JAT to a friend or business partner.

The biggest advantage is the time savings we have seen when the insurance is coming up for renewal and the ability they have to make sure we are comparing apples to apples amongst the different brokers. They also review contractor’s requirements on different jobs and subcontractors agreements with our firm. They have also been effective in managing open reserves on any claims that should be cleaned up and not adversely affect our employee modification numbers. But the biggest benefit they add that a broker cannot is that they know the appropriate markets to approach for the most competitive program for our industry.
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