J.A.T. Consulting, Inc. offers a full complement of insurance and risk management solutions to our clients. Our independence ensures that you will receive the highest level of service and receive appropriate, cost-effective coverage.
We take the time to understand your unique risk profile and source high value protection on your behalf. Our services include:

Risk Management Audit

We start by performing an in-depth audit of your business, the risks you face and the coverage you currently have. We point out areas of coverage deficiencies, excessive coverage and how you are spending your money. We will make recommendations for optimal coverage.

Policy Marketing

We will source coverage on your behalf by seeking competitive offers from appropriate carriers and subsequently negotiating terms and conditions suited to your requirements and budget.

Risk Management Service Plan

We will advise you on appropriate risk management techniques, stewardship requirements and appropriate loss control and loss prevention products. We will also review the contracts in which you enter into to provide guidance and assistance to utilize all appropriate risk transfers.

Program Administration

We continually monitor your coverage to ensure you receive maximum value for your insurance portfolio. We also meet with you on a regular basis to ensure that the changes in your business are appropriately communicated to the insurance community and that you maintain adequate coverage.

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

Acquisitions are complex, and may impact your risks considerably. We help you approach acquisition with a thorough understanding of the risks you assume and how you can potentially increase your bargaining power and the probability of success.
  Affiliated with UIC, Inc.