J.A.T. Consulting, Inc. offers a unique combination of insurance consulting, risk management and business expertise that enables us to deliver strategic, cost effective insurance solutions to our clients.

Why should you consider an Independent Insurance Consultant?

1-Protect Yourself

The greatest risks to your business may be those that are least obvious. J.A.T. Consulting, Inc. will analyze the unique risks your business faces to ensure that your business is appropriately protected from general well known risks, those that are unique to your business and the potentially catastrophic events that can and do occur. We focus exclusively on managing risk for a broad range of businesses and have the requisite experience to help you protect your business today and in the future.

2-Reduce Your Insurance Costs

With over 20 years of independent consulting experience, we can effectively customize policies based on your specific requirements. We short-list the insurance providers best suited to your needs and then create a competitive environment and negotiate the best possible contractual arrangements on your behalf. We ensure that you receive the best value available.

3-Save Time & Stay Current

At J.A.T. Consulting, Inc. we handle all facets of installing and administering insurance programs so that you may remain focused on your core business, saving you significant time and money. Further, our experts keep current with changes in industry regulation and new insurance products, and share relevant knowledge with you.
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